Welcome to my portfolio! I'm a 23 year old UI/UX designer and front-end web developer currently studying interaction design at Stockholm University. In June 2018 I will finish my bachelor's degree in computer science. Besides designing and coding I like gaming, music and binge-watching series.

Check out some of my projects

DataTjej website
Website - WordPress
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Friends quiz
Which Friends character are you?
Quiz - HTML, CSS & JavaScript
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Normative website
Website - HTML, CSS (Stylus) & Git
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Comparative usability evaluation study of two public transport apps
Usability evaluation & user testing
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tracr logo
Prototyping & user testing
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BEAST Tournament Series logo
BEAST Tournament Series
Website - Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML ...
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Call of Duty
Video analysis of CoD: Black Ops II
Interaction analysis & activity theory
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Eklund Ekonomi logo
Eklund Ekonomi
Prototyping & user testing
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Blizzard Battle.net
Evaluation report of Battle.net
Semiotic inspection & redesign
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Halt and Catch Fire

Listening to (on repeat):
Khalid - Saved

Looking for:
New shoes!

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